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Choosing the best foundation for sensitive & eczema-prone skin

Make-up is an absolute minefield for someone with sensitive skin.

Whilst I've never been overly into make-up - growing up with two brothers it was the least of my worries - I enjoy getting dressed up as much as the next girl. I like false eyelashes, I like glittery eyeshadows and I'm getting into the scary world of lipsticks. The problem is, your skin is most of your face - look in the mirror, it's all over your face. Eczema-prone skin means dry, scaly skin. What I would give to be able to simply cover it with foundation; paint over it and forget it exists until the end of the night. However, it's not quite that simple.
Whilst doing its best to cover your blemishes, foundation has a way of highlighting them at the same time. None more so than flaky cracks in your face. So although this is a post about finding a suitable foundation for eczema skin, the best advice I could give would be to LET YOUR FACE BE NAKED. 
This is something I'm getting better at in my old and wi…