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Allergies suck.

Having allergies is a real pain in the proverbial. Having allergies is most certainly not cool. It's not a trendy lifestyle choice like vegan-ism. I don't saunter into a vegan café with my maxi skirt billowing behind me and order an almond latte, tofu salad and a side of cool. I have to ask for the allergen menu at Wagamama because if I don't, I may wake up the next day with a face like a pufferfish (...the blown up version).

As mentioned, I have had eczema for years and years; I was diagnosed with asthma when I was about 9 and was most excited about having the jazzy "spacer" and pretending I was in Casualty with an oxygen mask. Hayfever came along at some stage in senior school and it was at this point that the doctors told me they were all related. It's something called the atopic triad. A super fun trio that might not always be together, but tend to come as an irritating three - kind of like the Sugababes.

And so, I plodded along with my three new clingy fri…

Guess who's back in town.

No, the boys are not back, it's just me. I have decided to return to the blogosphere after a year and a half long hiatus. I managed to finish a degree in the meantime so all was not wasted. I created my previous blog - What Katie Does and Did - whilst on my year abroad in Spain and it was a means of documenting everything I did. My life currently is not quite as thrilling as constant tapas and sangria; nevertheless, here I am - back in the blogging game.
I’ve decided to use this as a bit of a diary even though I have never previously managed to keep one. The closest I got to it was in junior school and at the top of the page where it said “date” I would write the name of the boy/celebrity/Disney prince I was infatuated with at the time and therefore wanted to date. Not sure I quite understood the concept of a diary back then. 
I have no idea what I will end up writing here; those of you who know me will be aware that I’m about to go travelling to South-east Asia (belated gap yah) an…