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Things I've learnt whilst far.

Tonight is our last night in Thailand (until we come back to travel the South in June) - we depart on a 'speed' boat for Laos tomorrow morning. 

We've only been here for 10 days but it feels much longer. So far we have been to Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai with the latter standing out by far as our favourite. 

I would do a detailed post explaining what we've seen, who we've met and how much we've been spiritually moved - but it would really just be a list of temple names and some weird encounters with monks. Don't ask. 

I feel we will learn many life lessons along the way but at the moment I have three for ya:

1. Elephants purr. It's a beautiful thing from a beautiful creature. 

2. You will probably get scammed wherever you go but that doesn't mean it'll end your trip or your life. Scam is a scary word. 

3. Do not under ANY circumstances touch skin with another human being when in Asia. SO MUCH SWEAT. 

I'll update again when I feel spiritually inspired to do so. 

P.S. Eczema is doing alright. The heat rash and mosquito bites are doing a good job of diverting my attention.