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The return.

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Honey I'm home. 

It's so damn nice to be back. Nothing beats a British summer and so far, apart from the hay-fever, I am very much enjoying this one.

I don't really know what kind of post I should do after the trip I've just been on. I'm struggling enough in real life when people ask me how it was. The honest answer is - it was really really good - but when you say that to people they look at you, wide-eyed and expectant, waiting for the eloquent speech you are clearly supposed to give. We did so many things and went to so many places I just don't know how much rambling people want!

And so, for now at least, I won't be writing a blow-by-blow account of our trip. What I will say is that, yes we did have a glorious time, no I did not get any tattoos, yes I rode an elephant, no I didn't become a Buddhist and yes, travelling is a seriously cool and rewarding thing to do. No doubt about that.

Things I will not miss, in the slightest, include: 

  • 14-hour bus journeys with a seat that barely reclines and a driver with a death wish.
  • stepping out of your hotel room only to realise you should have brought a towel as you are instantly drench with sweat.
  • playing your own life-and-death game of Frogger with the scooters and cars in every town and city. 
  • craving something like a sun-dried tomato and just knowing that you have no hope of getting one save actually leaving a tomato outside for a while.
  • dragging around 15 kg of clothes you rapidly start to hate.

Things I will miss, a lot, include:

  • elephants, sunsets, white sand, pad thai, Chang beer, smiles, bartering, ice coffee, sleeper trains, sassy kids, cool older travellers, rabid dogs, cheap cocktails, kayaking, smoothies, motorbikes, stunning views, temples, tan lines, tuk-tuks, two-pieces, sunsets, noodles, GoPros and SUNSHINE.