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Skin Update

To keep in line with why I actually started this blog I thought I should provide an update on what is happening with my skin.

In 3 months of travelling in countries I'd never visited before with food I had never eaten before and the strongest sun I've ever encountered... I had barely any problems with my skin. I certainly didn't have the mammoth swelling reaction I was expecting to experience at least once. 

And yet... A week after our return I had the delight of accompanying 13 girls on Pippa's hen do to Budapest. Cue more sunshine, plenty of drinks, some willy straws, a ton of laughs and one fateful morning where the Shrek face decided to make an appearance. 

After three months skin-problem-free you can imagine my distress at waking up on the third day of a four day hen party with a red, tight, painful face and inflamed, itchy, blistering patches of eczema. 

I grumped and moaned my way around the city mentally cursing myself for not getting a new batch of steroid creams before I left for Budapest. Note to self and others: when your creams start running out, go and get new ones as soon as possible. Do not wait until they are completely drained.

I still don't know what it is that is setting me off as I struggle to find a connection between the four instances where I have had this reaction. For all I know it has been four different triggers for each reaction. Nevertheless this gave me a kick up the arse to pursue an appointment for a patch test. I believe I mentioned before that when I went to the dermatologists in January they put me on the (6-MONTH?!!) waiting list for a patch test. 

I am pleased to say after a simple phone call this morning, the kind ladies at St. Mary's are going to try and arrange an appointment for me. I did find it slightly bizarre that the lady I spoke to noted that I hadn't quite reached the top of the waiting list but happily said she would get an appointment sorted for me. Yet another instance proving that you just have to be a bit pushy. If you don't ask, you probably won't get.

So the patch test is the next stage in this mystery. No doubt I will write about my experience with the test when it happens. It's hard to say that I'm not pinning my hopes on this finding something as I really don't know what the next stage would be if it came back with no results. Any little clue to what causes my allergic reaction would make me incredibly happy.


  1. Eczema.. boy does it suck! glad you are living life inspire of it!
    Nice blog xx


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