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The Adventures of the Little Blue Backpack: Part One, Northern Thailand

Once upon a time there was a little blue backpack who lived in a cold and dusty warehouse. One day, he embarked on a long journey in a dark and damp lorry, driving for miles until he eventually arrived in the arms of his new friend, Aimee.

Before he knew it, LBB was on the move again; through a building full of people and loud noises and then on to a large metal tube that had far too many people crammed onto it. The next time he saw daylight it was in a hot, noisy place saturated with strange smells. There were people darting in front of him, pushing past him and zooming around him on strange little motorised carts. 

Little Blue Backpack was in Bangkok.

Aimee and Katie took Little Blue to all sorts of fascinating places. The Grand Palace and Wat Pho were the most impressive - two huge, opulent buildings with paintings, jewels and gold leaf everywhere you looked.

Little Blue began to really enjoy having his picture taken.

But sometimes Aimee stole his limelight.

A couple of days later, the girls and the little blue backpack set off on a train to an ancient city called Ayutthaya. 

LBB was bundled into a bicycle basket and whirled around the ancient ruins. He couldn't believe what he saw, the ruins were like something from a film set. Vast and impressive with decaying stone Buddhas and creeping vines. 

We met some of the locals...

Some of them were a bit hairy.

Overall it was a pretty magical place.

The next stop on Little Blue Backpack's adventure was a place called Chiang Mai. It was a quirky city, bursting with life. It was especially vibrant as the trio arrived in the days leading up to Songkran Festival - Thai New Year. Little Blue breathed a sigh of relief that he was able to stay inside for this festival as it was essentially a giant waterfight! The girls barely stepped out of their hostel door before they were soaked head-to-toe. Buckets of water were flying everywhere met with squeals of laughter and vows of revenge. 

Little Blue's favourite journey in Chiang Mai was to visit the elephants. These magnificent creatures loomed over LBB and he became a little frightened backpack. They poked and prodded at him in search for food even though he had nothing to give them. 

But when Little Blue saw the girls grinning from ear to ear, trying to reach their arms right around the elephants big tummies just for a hug, he decided they couldn't be too bad...

...even if they were a bit snotty.

Little Blue's adventures are to be continued...