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The Adventures of the Little Blue Backpack: Part Four, Cambodia

Cambodia was the next stop on their wild adventure, and the beginning of their final month.

During their time in the capital, Phnom Penh, the little trio stumbled upon a couple of stray travellers and decided to let them join their cool gang. And so the two girls, two boys and Little Blue toasted the city at sunset and made plans for their next few days.

They travelled north to a town called Kratie (pronounced Kracheh) in order to see the famous Irawaddy dolphins. There are less than 100 left in the world and they all live in Kratie! After a bit of a battle with the Mekong - safe to say none of them were a match for the river - they managed to spot the dolphins swimming about and frolicking. They even went back at sunset to see the dolphins again against a stunning backdrop of oranges, pinks and yellows.

Whilst there wasn't much to do in the little town, the group met lots of locals who were so full of joy it spilled out of them and into Little Blue too.

Next stop for the gang was Siem Reap, home to the Angkor temples which, quite rightly, appear on every 'must see' list for travellers. They are nothing short of spectacular. The pictures do the talking.

Each temple was so magnificent they felt like a film set; some of them even were (Ta Prohm, below, features in Tomb Raider).

Little Blue was loving these backdrops for his photos. The dynamic contrast of dark and light, ancient and modern. He was very keen to have the boys involved to butch up his photos...

Unfortunately that didn't happen.

After a few days in the fascinating city, the girls had dealt with quite enough farting and boy banter to last them the rest of their trip, so they decided to part ways. After a bleary-eyed farewell, having just arrived off a not that luxurious 'hotel bus', the girls and LB set off to the coast for some much needed sun, sand and sea.

And boy is that what they found.

Sheer and utter bliss.

The trio stayed on an island called Koh Rong in the most stunning bay, Coconut Beach. There were just two bungalows to stay in and a patch for a tent right down near the beach. They played card games, threw a frisbee around, bathed in the crystal clear waters. And then when the sun came down they feasted on fresh seafood, let off paper lanterns and snorkelled with bio-luminescent plankton - a truly magical experience.

It was a little slice of paradise.